Quotes by "Yui Hirasawa"

I’m scared of hot and cold. In winter, I hide under the heating table and in summer, I lie in bed and do nothing.

To the me back then, you don’t need to worry. You’ll soon find something you can do, something you can set your heart on.

Oh, a headband! *runs off in that direction*

In the manga, when I wasn't in the picture, even if I didn't sing nobody noticed, but if I don't sing in the anime...

Make sure you don't mistake soy sauce for sugar.

He's so cute, I want to put peanuts in his nose.

I want to be able to snap my fingers!

The Cake is a Lie!

Wait, does that mean you're in your fifties?

I have one last request. Please slap me in the face with that wad of cash.

I'm tree G! Pose of a tree!

High schoolers are kind of amazing!

Mugi-chan, you have really thick eyebrows.

We didn't call you because we thought you have a date with your boyfriend or something.

All your sweets are belong to me!

*joyfully* I've never caught a cold! *they say only idiots don't catch colds*

Not joining a club means you become a NEET?!