Quotes from "Yu Yu Hakusho"

Kurama said:

You were wrong on two counts. Even the hardest substance can be broken, when crashed into itself. And the ability to feel pain is not a weakness. It’s a strength. Pain tells a creature its vulnerabilities, and not you expose them to attack. Your robot is dead. And so, I’m afraid, are you.

Nothing worse than being strong, but not strong enough.

Drop ink on the finest snow-white paper and it will inevitably absorb into black. Its purity demands it. Tainted men have immunities. Black does not absorb black.

And so it all begins. This boy's name is Yusuke. He's 14 years old and is supposed to be the hero of the story... but oddly enough, he's dead.

Kurama said:

It most certainly isn't pleasant being called a "traitor" by creatures you've never met.

Koenma said:

In addition to knowing the secrets of the universe, I can assure you, I am quite potty trained.

Touya said:

It's simple. Even the strongest tree will die if left in the dark. I find that to be the best way to describe us. A giant oak, crashing through a dark soil, bringing order to an otherwise chaotic land. The Shinobi have done their job for centuries, and done it well. But in recent years, we have caught glimpses of the outside world, and asked: "Why not us? Have we not earned the privilege others take for free?".

I consider your class of demon very worthy, worthy to fight, and worthy to die.

Hiei said:

Detective, don't waste your time trying to change their minds. Fight by their meaningless rules and you'll be pulled down with them. There's only one real law of the dark tournament: the strongest man prevails. I've retrieved enough energy to rip my way out, let's show this entire stadium a new definition for victory!

Genkai said:

This is the world you've stuck yourself into, if you aren't strong enough to lead, then you lose the privilege of getting what you want.

Hiei said:

Ninjas are revolting, they stole my idea. I'll have to kill them now.

Hiei said:

Their mistakes were simple ones. Gouki's mistake was being overconfident and Kurama's... sympathy for his human prey.

Kuwabara, come back! You're like an ugly singer with a good voice, best for backup!

Urameshi, I'm gonna mess your face up so bad that kittens won't even look at you.

Karasu said:

If you think about it, death really isn't so frightening. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it.

Hiei said:

Does a death wish cause you to talk to me that way?

(In response to Seaman's question) When real men do what they're supposed to, it's not always about what they want.

Kurama said:

A poor choice seals our fate.

Kurama said:

I'll help you... But not by death, this world has enough of that. You can keep your life as long as you change the way you live it. It's never too late, believe me.

Kurama said:

Does he really believe we would turn around after all that we've been through?