Quotes by "Yoshino Yūsuke"

Being unable to trust anything is the same as being unable to sense other people's love.

Keep on living your life in such a way that love doesn't fade away. I shall work... so that love may shine brightly, even today.

He realized that he had lost sight of something important. No matter what turn he took he should have kept singing. Even if his songs couldn’t save the world, he could still sing songs for her. Don’t ever lose sight of what’s important to you.

What’s important is not losing sight of your path.

Children, this is the only gift I can give you right now. A formless gift you call a memory. I don’t have any money and I can’t give you something tangible. But even so, even if it isn’t tangible, a memory is something that will continue to be with you. That is what I believe…

Everyone makes mistakes. What's important is how to make up for it.

At a place where you feel most restful… Next to the person you find most dear. People's lives are repetitions of inflicting pain on each other. It's understandable to doubt others. But being unable to trust anything is the same as being unable to feel other people's love. Aren’t you, perhaps, feeling lonely? Aren’t you, perhaps, living slavishly? Are you able to laugh with an honest heart?