[x] Quotes from Yoake Ryou
If I'm going to disappear no matter what, I at least want to leave them having fun and smiling.

If someone always follows the perfect path without ever facing hardship... Is it really what's best for that person?

Fight with all your might. With those young kids, give your mind and heart a solid workout. Let your heart, which had dried up and gotten stiff, beat once more.

I think it's a good thing, you know. You're paying attention to those around you. You don't just notice, you take action to help. I think it's one of your strength. But don't you wonder? Is getting rid of all the thorns in someone's path really what's best for them? While they're still young enough to be allowed to trip and fall, it's important for them to learn the pain of it and how to pick themselves up again.