Quotes by "Yasutora Sado"

I can't deny, I don't know very much about Rukia. That's not the point, I might not risk my life for her, but Ichigo wants to save her life and that's all I need to know. What may seem like an unworthy cause to you is more than enough reason for me.

The thing that we call power is dynamic, it keeps on changing.

Ichigo...We can't...Watch any longer...Eachother's backs...I just can't...I just can't help you out anymore.

I will defeat him. It may cost my life to do it. However, if I survive, I'll make a promise. The same promise as that time, on the same thing as that time.

[in reply to Shunsui Kyōraku] It's true, I know nothing about her (Rukia). It might not be quite enough for me to risk my own life over. But...Ichigo wants to save her. That reason is enough for me.

I don't believe that an absolute power really exists in any world. Power is unstable. It changes constantly. Small differences will always appear, as one has between you and I. So the one who widens that gap will be the winner!

[to Arrancar Gantenbainne Mosqueda] It seems that my power is more akin to yours than that of a Shinigami or a Quincy.

Abuelo... That means grandpa.