Quotes by "Xerxes Break"

No matter how much despair awaits them, I wish that at the end of their story, the gentle light of hope will shine on them...

Don't try to excuse yourself by saying you're doing it for someone else's sake.

Don't concern yourself with what those tasteless idiots say.

Aah... I said I'd "answer you" ... Not that I'd "give you a straight answer".

I did say that you could ask, but I didn't say that I would answer.

*to Reim* It means that you have no affinity for chains with fighting skills. You try to avoid violence even when you fight. That's a very good thing.

*to Reim* Like I said before!! To me, being blind is nothing! It's only because I had just woken up, that's why Oz found out. Give me 3 more days. By then, I'll have assimilated. Then I'll be recovered and everything will be like normal. Even if I were thrown in a midst of Pandora members, I have faith that I will be able to kill them all!