Quotes by "Wolfgang Grimmer"

You can't just erase people's feelings. It's as if my emotions were lost somewhere hundreds of miles away. It's as if they were sent long ago, in a letter that was always intended for me.

As long as we are under the same sky, we shouldn't be sad when we part ways.

It's impossible for humans to forget their emotions.

Do you have any idea how terrible the things you did really mean? Do you understand what it means to destroy a human being's sense of good and evil? Can you even begin to comprehend what happens when you awaken the monster inside each us? People should know in their hearts that food tastes good. They should always look forward to having picnics and wonderful places on their weekends. They should think that beer tastes good after a hard day's work. People should know how they should feel, that they're suppose to grieve, from the bottom of their hearts when they have to bury their own child.

Everyone in this world carries around their own sins, and they never go away...but that doesn't change the fact that we do what we must.

Don't just follow orders! You're men, not machines! In your hearts, you know what's right, the answer is sitting there, waiting for you. Are you brave enough to look inside yourselves?