Quotes by "Tsubaki Nakatsukasa"

Our souls, together till the end!

I'll admit, Black Star makes some dumb calls from time to time, but the important thing is I'm here to back him up no matter how big a fool he is. If we're fools, we're fools together, that's the kind of team we are.

You guys are a team, you have to work together if you want to do anything! One person can't make a decision without the other, you decide together and you fight together!

I have a friend who has helped me realize something. He's helped me see that a Camellia does have a fragrance!

When I fall it will be silent and tragic.

The Camellia Blossom also know as Tsubaki, is a flower without fragrance. It proclaims nothing, blooming in silence. When the blossomed pettles scatter, it's quietly tragic. I am Tsubaki. A silent flower without fragrance.

Silence means approaching quietly!

Excuse me... I'm not a microphone! I'm a chain scythe.