Quotes from "The World God Only Knows"

These girls are pixels. Data. I know that. So how would you describe the girl you like? Protein? Calcium? A pointless argument. What’s important is that there’s love. Isn’t that what you people always say?

When you compare love and hate in this world... There is a lot more hate than love, and it's much stronger. So, if we consider every one of them as hate, we'll be right most of the time. I don't have time to pick out the truth anyway.

There's no use in just creating "Love". Empty hearts filled with "Love" tend to be unstable.

That's not love... A heroine's love is supposed to be sincere! If you can immediately move on and find someone new, it isn't love!

If you come across an event that's too good to be true, it's probably poison.

I don't give a damn about the real world.

Does the world hate me or something? I've always rejected it in an exceedingly friendly manner.

Everyone will always question your ideals. That's simply reality.

Human hearts are complicated mysteries.

Books are information. And information that isn't correct is worthless.

I've no interest in a "Reality".

The "tsun" personality is an armor that protects purity. An iron virgin.

I'm only attracted to girls in games!! Reality is just a shitty game.

Love is the best way to fill a gap in the heart.

Yes, I have no reason to take part in the Absurd and Unreasonable real world.

The real world is scary. It’s pain to deal with other people.