Quotes from "Sword Art Online II"

Sometimes you have to fight to get your point across.

It's okay to live, even if there's no greater point to living.

God would never put us through all this suffering if he didn't think we could bear it.

Because of my last moments are such fulfillment. I can end my journey surrounded by so many people, in the arms of the person I love. I... I did my best to live, I lived here.

It is pointless to question who someone really is. All you can do is believe and accept. Because the way you perceive someone is their true identity.

I'd rather die with someone than let that person die before my eyes. More so if she's a girl like you.

I thought that the closer the real and virtual world got, the better the future would be. But the more the boundary between them blurs, the more it starts to trick people.

Sometimes the things that matter the most are right in front of you.

It's better not to look for more meaning than there is in a name. You'll lose sight of a lot more than you notice.

You did it because you had to protect someone else. In medicine, there are times when you must pick who lives and who dies. Of course, that doesn't mean it's okay to kill someone if you have a good reason. But everyone involved has the right to consider the lives they saved. You have the right. You have the right to save yourself, by thinking of the people you've saved.

No one dies alone. When someone dies, the part of them that lives inside someone else also dies. You already live inside me.

All this time, I seriously thought that it's better to die than to live your life alone.

You hit me with everything you had, so I decided I could trust you with everything I had.

It's impossible to work hard for something you don't enjoy.

There are things you can only share with someone by fighting. For instance, how serious you are.

Life isn't just doing things for yourself. It's possible to live in such a way that other people's happiness, makes you happy too.

If it's just a game, at least be brave enough to run towards the guns and die!

I always say what exactly what I'm feeling, and if they don't like me, that's fine! It doesn't change the fact that I was close to their hearts.

The main reason I got stronger was so I’d be able to survive.

Yui said:

Everyone smiles, when they are with you. Please... from now on, go and help people in my place. Share your happiness with them.