Quotes from "Solanin"

When you're sincere about doing something, you're stalked by the fear that there's no turning back.

The scenery is so peaceful, you'd never think that wars were happening and people were dying around the world. If only this scenery could continue forever. But even if a time should come when I can no longer enjoy this scenery, as long as everyone is with me, I'll be fine. That's what I think today.

It's pretty hard just to survive as a human being. The world's a big place and there's a lot of stuff I don't understand, but I think there must be something important out there. I mean, that's what I want to believe. If I keep believing that while playing music, then maybe I'll be able to change the world just a bit.

I never knew that spending an entire day doing nothing could be so terrifying. A plague of what-ifs assaults me, spinning and whirling, even though thinking about them makes no difference.

Even if it's dangerous, even if it lasts until the ends of the earth... I need to walk my path.

Even if you're made a fool of by someone, even if the future becomes so dark that you can't see what's in front of you, even if the place we get to is the very end of the world, you and I are still together.

Ai Kotani said:

Nothing will progress while you can't make up your mind.

Ai Kotani said:

You know why people stress over things? Because there aren't any easy answers.

Ai Kotani said:

It'll still feel better to try and regret, than regret not trying at all.

I realized it one day. The lyrics I struggled to create are only made up so I would have something to sing. Nothing genuine can come out of these flat and boring and ambiguous lives we're living, out of faking your worries for the sake of it.

Yeah, it might be totally stupid, but it's sad that you can't know yourself without being compared to others.

Yeah, I know there's no right answer. All I know for sure is that time keeps on flowing like a river, and a river eventually leads to the ocean. Maybe I will try swimming against the current.

Ai Kotani said:

No matter how well you get along together, sometimes the smallest of cracks turn into a lethal abyss in time.

We've got no light of hope in our future! Nothing is going to happen! Our lives will be as dull as rocks! Maybe it's a life of boring happiness! But I don't want to be an adult who pretends to be satisfied with it!

When you lose something, you gotta find something to take its place. I guess it's just time... for me to move forward for once.

A band isn't so simple... that you can just mess around and keep it going.

I might seem to be on the losing side to you, but I'm still fighting... Not all battles happen in the brightest, flashiest spots.

Ai Kotani said:

When people truly get serious about something, all you can do is stay quiet and watch.