[x] Quotes from Shizuo Heiwajima
Look, you. All this talk about monsters...that's what people have called me ever since I was a kid. I've snapped and lost sight of everything around me, and I've made trouble for Celty more than once or twice. Even so, she still heard me out, without interrupting. And so now it's my turn to hear her out, all right?

Look, all it means is that when I lose it, it's cause things make no sense. If there was any logic to it, then I wouldn't get pissed even if I got shot or stabbed.

You just went for my head, didn't you? You know you could kill someone by hitting a vital spot in their head, right? If you know this, then you were trying to kill me, right? So whatever I do next is what you deserve, right?

I really hate violence ...<br /> <br /> I just want to get stronger, <br /> strong enough so that someday <br /> I can contain my anger!

People who call others stupid are usually more stupid. But I'm stupid, so I'll say it anyways...YOU'RE STUPID!

I don't have have much time. It's not that I'm busy, but I'm only willing to give you about two and a half more minutes of my life!

My family was normal.

"What is life?", "Why do people live?". Someone asked me that and I beat him within an inch of his life...

Listen. Looks can kill. There's at least a 0.00000000000000000000675% chance that a curse or a stare can kill someone. So if you glare at someone, you can't complain if they kill you!

If I pull this out will it start bleeding? Hm, maybe I should get a band-aid. Or maybe super glue!