Quotes from "Shaman King"

Humans only can reveal their true potential during an absolutely critical situation.

You guys are so small...

It's okay. There's no pain. [something snaps inside Morty] Oops! [grins maniacally at Yoh] I'm sorry.

No one can predict the future, so it's pointless to fear the unknown.

RYU said:

Boys, am I not always telling you to get in touch with your feelings, your inner gangster? Okay, actually I don't care about your feelings, never did, never will.

Tao Len said:

*referring to Jun* Look at her! Because she hasn't got any boyfriends around she fawns all over her guardian ghost.

Horohoro said:

What are you talking about, Ryu?! That's no damsel, that's a dude!

RYU said:

When you get a piece of Ryu you get the whole pie!

There is no sense in worrying about something you cannot control, so why bother?

Many things can be achieved, as long as you believe in it.

Tao Len said:

Are you a coward...OR ARE YOU A MAN OF AMERICA?!

I'm Faust VIII, your opponent. Please be gentle.

How rude! You knocked his block off, and you didn't even have the courtesy to yell 'Heads up'!

And now it's time for formal introductions. Eliza, my darling, meet Yoh Asakura. Yoh Asakura, meet your doom!

Tao Len said:

Your friend thinks he can win the prize crown, but he has no hope whatsoever. He is a mere shadow of a true shaman and he will be the first in a long line to perish in my hands.

Let's see what kind of heart you have!

Amidamaru said:

I will stay by your side, my friend. Know that I am here, and that I am sorry. I am sorry that... I failed you. After waiting 600 years I made a beginner's mistake. I underestimated my enemy.

[thinking] Step awaaaay from the psycho...

That was the sound of the last train back to my house. And once again, I missed it. Our English class always gets out late on Tuesdays, so I have to walk home. But that's OK, because I like English. And the walk home's not so bad. Usually.

The easiest way to test a person's real ability is under extreme conditions. Therefore, it's appropriate to choose the Shaman King through fighting.