Quotes from "Saiyuki"

I don’t need to believe in God to believe in myself.

A past will chase you if you try to escape from it, but once you confront it, it's just an old memory inside you.

Murder doesn't necessarily mean evil, right? The world being what it is, a lot of people out there deserve to die, don't they? But those who do take it upon themselves to kill others, have to be prepared to have others try to kill them as well. And that's what they call the law of Karma, my friends. That's why good or bad, the only ones who are going to be left standing are the ones with the strongest wills to survive.

Look at this world, so many people deserve to be killed. At the same time, a murderer must be ready to be killed as he lives. That's what retribution is. So, in this world, evil or whatever, a person strongly determined to live is the one who survives in the end.

Cho Hakkai said:

It's awfully quiet back there. Are you two making out?

It doesn't matter where I look, it's always idiots as far as the eye can see.

Sha Gojyo said:

This is the first and last time I bring a dude to my bed.

Eat until you can't anymore, play until you drop, sleep the day away, it's okay to laugh, cry or yell, just live, live, live!

Apparently Goku hasn't eaten in 500 years, his body's making up for lost time.

Someday you'll let go of my hand. When you finally look to the far, far sky, I'll kick you from behind and laugh at you to hurry.

Cho Hakkai said:

Regrets are just a way for the foolish and the guilty to pass time.

Homura said:

Power rules the Heavens just as Power rules in the Lower world.

Quiet down or I'll shoot you bastards!

Maten Scripture binding force of power where light is darkness and darkness is light I call upon your power to cast my enemy back Into OBLIVION!

Life is basically a fuedal struggle until you die.

If you meet Budha - kill him, If you meet the father - kill him. Never be captivated by anyone, just live for yourself.

I dont need to believe in God to believe in myself.

I don't believe in anyone, nor do I believe in God. I just believe in myself.

From the time I was born, till the day I die...The only side I am on, is my own.

Consume wine, don't let the wine consume you.