Quotes by "Ritsu Onodera"

If I give my best and am told that I’m useless, then that’s my own fault. But being considered useless, without having even tried, is something I can’t allow.

Since then… I’ve started to think…about things with the worst case outcome first. By doing so, even if you did get hurt a little bit, it wouldn’t end up being a lasting wound.

God, my face hurts from forcing smiles all night...

It's not like I'm pessimistic or anything... I'm just moving forward without looking back.

Maybe it would be just like in the mangas. I'd tell him I love him and then we cut to the happy ending.

Usually, he just abuses everyone. Normally, he's so sarcastic. But now he's holding me as if I were something precious.

I'm going to become the best manga editor anyone's ever seen! And then you can kiss your job goodbye!

Loving someone means entrusting all of yourself to that person.

My heart was beating so fast, that one heart wasn't enough.