Quotes from "ReLIFE"

Yoake Ryou said:

If I'm going to disappear no matter what, I at least want to leave them having fun and smiling.

Onoya An said:

Even though everything is going to disappear, it isn't supposed to be meaningless. It's exactly because you know you're going to part ways, that now and only now is your only chance.

I don't think I'll learn anything if I don't try to do something about it on my own.

If at some point in life, you made a mistake or keep failing over and over again, and you can't help but think it's useless and you're a good for nothing; Remember, you're only taking a detour. And I'm sure further along your path will come a day where you think, "It was a good life experience". That's why it'll be fine.

Yoake Ryou said:

If someone always follows the perfect path without ever facing hardship... Is it really what's best for that person?

Maybe worrying about the future partings so much that you miss out on happiness in the present is a waste.

If I can't even manage a polite smile, I'll be in trouble in the real world.

Someday we'll part. Maybe be forgotten. But we're living in the moment. So... make lots of friends, fall madly in love, and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Being rivals does not mean being an enemy.

The more fun I have, the more it'll hurt when we part ways. I know that all too well.

Studying is important, but I think love is too. It's the last summer of high school. It's a precious time that won't come again.

Yoake Ryou said:

Fight with all your might. With those young kids, give your mind and heart a solid workout. Let your heart, which had dried up and gotten stiff, beat once more.

Please, let that iron guard down for a minute. It's only hurting you. I know when you've hit rock bottom, people trying to cheer you up can be really annoying. "What would you know?" "Just leave me alone." But what if someone you're pushing away is really worried about you? That'd be a shame.

But there's something a little sad about them [fireworks], too. They're so flashy, pretty and exciting, but as they fade, you feel sort of lonely.

I don't understand what I say that makes people so mad. I don't understand how they feel. I know that's because I haven't properly socialized, I've tried to learn. I've tried to study up on it, but I just don't know what's right.

I thought that without you, everything would be so boring. The idea of someone else touching you... was just not okay. I only realized this recently. But I think... I've loved you for a long time, too.

Yoake Ryou said:

I think it's a good thing, you know. You're paying attention to those around you. You don't just notice, you take action to help. I think it's one of your strength. But don't you wonder? Is getting rid of all the thorns in someone's path really what's best for them? While they're still young enough to be allowed to trip and fall, it's important for them to learn the pain of it and how to pick themselves up again.

I can't just leave a crying girl alone and go home. I'm too wimpy to carry you, but I can lend you a shoulder, and get you down the stairs.

Knocking others down to gain an advantage is a fruitless endeavor. It means they've given up on winning any other way.

You're just too busy comparing yourself to others to see. Those comparisons aren't the only measure. Don't say it's all pointless. You've work hard and made yourself better. That's what you got in return. So don't put yourself down like this.