[x] Quotes from Psycho-Pass
This epidemic leads innocent people to their deaths, and yet it's pathogen will never be eradicated. This is a disease called serenity, a form of death that people have wished for.

Like God, you mean? That might be pleasurable in its own way, but unfortunately I'm not into being an umpire or a referee, as I can't genuinely enjoy the game unless I'm part of it. And I love this game that people call "life" from the bottom of my heart. That's why I'd like to continue to participate in it as a player, forever and ever.

No matter how severe the situation is, if you continue to stay there, you'll accept everything as a everyday life.

The opposite of boredom is not pleasure... but excitement. People will gladly seek out any kind of excitement, even pain.

A perfect plan doesn't mean having everything go within expectations. A perfect plan is achieved when it has the plasticity needed to flexibly deal with troubles.

In order to measure a person’s worth, you must do more than push them. The real way to test their worth is to give them power. When they gain the freedom to act outside the boundaries of law and ethics, you can sometimes see their souls. When the weak become strong... When good citizens become free to engage in violence... I'm interested to see what is the outcome of that.

When something impossible happens, there are only two possibilities. Either your assumptions are wrong, or you have gone crazy.

I just long for a world in which ordinary things are done in an ordinary way.

For some time researchers have understood that moderate stress has beneficial effects. It boosts the immune system for example. Stress motivates and prepares us for action. It compels our body to survive. However, routine psycho pass checks take away the stress from us. There are patients whose stress reaction is so numb, they can’t even recognize the basic stimulation of their senses. Once that happens, it’s a neurological downward spiral, they become like living corpses. Eventually their autonomic nervous system stops working and their vital functions shut down.

Charisma has three points. The nature of a hero or prophet, the ability to simply make you feel good when you’re around them, and the intelligence to eloquently talk about all sorts of things.