Quotes by "Oz Vessalius"

Instead of sighing about the past, I'd rather be happy to face the present.

The moment a person says he's working hard without thinking, he's still being naive. He is not trying at all!

Although I'm weak and full of flaws, I will never stop moving forward. No matter who I am, no one other than myself will create my own existence. No matter what others may think or feel, I will still move forward as myself.

I don't really like people who go around brandishing the banner of justice. No matter the reason, where human's are involved, there is no black or white, no justice or evil. There is only our will.

Strength begins in understanding your own weakness.

Finally I saw... A world so bright I almost wanted to cry... It was then, that my consciousness was engulfed in darkness.

I went with raven for a long bathroom break.

*to Gilbert* Don't think that I will abandon you!

*to Break* Perhaps Break is a lot weaker than I always thought he was. However, I'm sure that he's a whole lot stronger than he thinks he is.

I feel so...warm. We know... This calm won't last for long, but...we can't help hoping... That this dreamlike moment... will last.. Forever..

There's no reason... I'm just merely, obeying what I believe within me!

So... Alice just has to remain Alice!

I was rejected, never given any expectations... Then at least, I won't be a burden to others. It's alright if the only one who hurts is me!

It's fine, dummy! Since you're the one wearing it! *to Gilbert, while giving him clothes for the coming of age ceremony*

I want to know what it is, this "sin" they say I've committed.