Quotes from "Ore Monogatari!!"

Who'd want to date girls that talk smack about your friends?

I have no idea what you really want, what you're really thinking, or what the right thing to do really is. But I'm your friend. Let me stay.

Who wouldn't want their friends to be happy? That's just normal, man. It's nothing amazing.

Studying is for people to get the knowledge they need to not screw up in life.

Suna, maybe people all have a hot, molten core inside their hearts, but they just live their lives, never showing it to the world, as if nothing is really going on.

The important things in life, like feelings, hearts, and souls, are all things you can never see. The more you try to reassure yourself that they exist, the more you feel they don't exist at all. But right now, I know for sure that they do exist. They're so close, you can almost touch them.

Why won't human emotions, not even my own, work out the way we want?

People are born into this world. And people are taken from this world.

Just because someone's friends with a nice person doesn't mean they're nice, too. Sometimes they're friends because the person's nice enough to have them.