Quotes from "Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji"

It doesn't matter how much trash you pick up. You just have a pile of trash.

Is that all your feelings have to offer? Go ahead. Try to wrench open my heart. That's the only way you'll get me.

You idiot. You'd gotten yourself up in a tizzy about romance, right? "Love" you experience in that state is just self-delusion. There's no point in getting depressed over love like that.

If you truly loved her, you'd save her even if you were weak or it would be painful. That's the pride of a man

Girls who push their kindness onto others. I hate them to death. "I have a really beautiful heart, so please fall in love with me!" I'm only surrounded by these types of girls and they piss me off. But it's not that simple. In the end, they are just making a fool of themselves. But you... You're different from the other girls. You don't have ulterior motives or anything to gain. You've always been easygoing. That's why to you, I thought It'd be okay to at least say thank you.

Boyfriends and girlfriends just want to be flooded with feelings of "Aah, I feel such fulfillment". They don't really love their partner.

Saying things like "It would be troubling for her" are just really convenient excuses for yourself. If you can forgive yourself like this, then you can just enjoy staying in your comfort zone, right?

Romance is like an extra in life. I don't mind having it, but I'm not in the mood to chase it.

You don't get to choose who you fall for. The heart doesn't always work the way you want it to. You should just follow your feelings honestly. You'll be happier that way.