Quotes by "Okita Sougo"

Boss, friendship is not something decided in one day, but it's something formed before you know it.

Sometimes, it's necessary to look back at the past in order to move on to the future.

In this world, there are things you have to protect even if your hands get stained with blood.

*talking about Shinsengumi* Every time I'm with all of you, there's always a gap. I'm different from all of you.

Hijikata-san. I forgot my flute at the headquarters, so I'm gonna go back and get it real quick.

You mean that we failed again to prevent a bombing? What are you doing, Hijikata-san? You should take this job more seriously.

Goodbye, vice captain. Why don't you suck on some mayonnaise in the afterlife? [he shoots, blowing up the whole wall]

End your sentences in "Woof" please.