[x] Quotes from Nisekoi
Making sure I have no regrets... that would just be self-serving, nothing more. It's all right. I mean, this is a great memory in itself, right?

But... If you're the kind of person who can devote herself like that to someone, then I'll bet you anything there's someone out there who'll fall in love with you.

You're right. Whether I ever see that girl again or not, that doesn't change the fact that this promise is important to me. I'm gonna go on treasuring it.

Love does not hurt when you're loving the right person.

Oh? What are you surprised about!? Do you think that I'm someone who would give up after being rejected just once!? Hospitalized or not, I shall continue to polish myself and become even moooore of a spectacular lady, and return to you!!

To enjoy my youth properly. She might've been talking about something like this. To live without thinking about consequences or what's around me with all my strength. That's what it was about...

I confessed you know!? Many, many times! Even though I knew the answer from my mouth... with my voice! I confessed you know!? Have you ever looked at Raku straight in the eyes!? Is that all you've got for Raku!? At least for the last time, you need to be a little more truthful to yourself!! If you really liked him, then you can't just pretend like nothing ever happened!!

The length of time you've been in love isn't the only thing that matters, right?

Traditions that don't benefit people today are worthless.

So you feel like you're being dishonest or something? That's not true. It's a great thing to come to like someone. If you ask me... The important thing here is, that you have to make a clear choice between the two of them.