Quotes from "Nanatsu no Taizai"

Diane said:

Everyone has their reasons for fighting, but... there's no such thing as someone who's born evil.

Helbram said:

It's troublesome if the villain doesn't show their evil. Villains are necessary to make knights into heroes.

Gowther said:

What I desire is a heart... A heart that understands emotions.

Merlin said:

When some things contradict each other, you should look at the opposite side of everything. And when the meanings behind the seemingly unnatural actions are made clear, a completely different answer might be reached... Justice can become evil. Reality can become an illusion. Meaning can be found in something that appears meaningless. Think. And find the answer for yourselves. A human ceases to be once he or she stops thinking.

Meliodas said:

Everyone has to die someday. But what they believed in will never fade away as long as someone protects it. Once you've resolved to take on those principles, no matter how much blood and tears you shed, you follow through with it! That's what it means to be a knight.

Meliodas said:

No matter what lies you tell, you can't fool your own heart.