Quotes from "Nagi no Asukara"

You probably do lose a lot, but that just means you need to fill what you lost with new things.

I wasn’t scared that I’d be rejected, I was scared that if I said how I felt, all of our relationships would change.

I don't want to see any more things that've changed! It's exhausting!

Does becoming adult mean you lose a lot of things?

No, things can change. But things don't have to change. Whatever is fine.

Uroko said:

Being in love is a difficult situation. Too much to bear, you can't help it. You can't control yourself to the extent that you're sad and in pain, and your heart is full.

Having feelings for someone just brings sorrow to someone else. Someone always gets sacrificed and suffers. If this is what it means to fall in love, then falling in love is terrible.

Whether you like me or not, the fact that you're precious to me won't change, no matter what.