Quotes from "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing"

I've continually fought, and with each battle I've been killing my own heart. And my heart has been completely void of feeling for quite a long time now. Maybe my life doesn't have value anymore, but I have to keep on living.

Heero Yuy said:

I can't stand the weak, They're always nervous about when they might next be attacked. They can't trust anybody and they never have an opinion of their own. I can't stand such people.

Why did I rescue this guy in the first place? He's anti-social, thinks he's evil kenevil, and hardly speaks. You've got such a gloomy personality, why don't you stop pretending to be human.

Heero Yuy said:

Let me tell you something about dying. It hurts like hell.

Stop making me repeat myself! Its bad for my health!