Quotes from "Mirai Nikki"

Gasai Yuno said:

I'm crazy!? What's crazy is this world that refuses to let me be with you!!!

Those who seem kindest, are often the most insidiously cruel.

Nothing good comes from digging up the past.

Gasai Yuno said:

I'm selfish, I know. But to keep you only mine, I will do everything I needed to do, even if it's illegal.

I'm pathetic. I was observing the world from a safe distance. I was just scared of being hurt. I was lonely.

My childhood was filled with blood and strife. I have never needed love. Not then, not now.

Think of your shivers as excitement rather than fear. Cover the anxiety on your face with a smile.

Gasai Yuno said:

A half moon. A bright half and a dark half. Just like me.

Gasai Yuno said:

Everything in this world is just a game and we are merely the pawns.

If there's a miracle that can be reached by fighting to the end, then I want to see it.

Akise Aru said:

Not knowing everything in this world is fun.

Akise Aru said:

If you want to know what others think, you first have to say what you think.

Gasai Yuno said:

Maybe the future is bad. But there's a future beyond that, right?

This is the world I live in. The dirty world of the adults.

Even if you're weak, there are miracles you can seize with your hands if you fight on to the very end.

I guess we won't be living together forever as gods. But still... This is forever, too.

Keep fighting on, even if it ain't worth much.

I wanted to be saved too...

It's not possible to save everything. Prioritize your goals.

Akise Aru said:

Whether I win or lose is up to me.