Quotes by "Meme Oshino"

It's not like people only look for help by saying "please help me." In similiar vein, it's not like you're only in love with someone if you say "I love you." Everyone has things they can't say on impulse.

If praying does not work, and words are ineffective... what's left is to fight.

No person exists that is just virtuous, and kindness is only something piled on the outside. There are no humans with just virtue and fairness. Rather, they try to be that and just build up stress.

People have to save themselves. One person saving another is impossible.

I am not going to take sides, I am neutral. I am talking about standpoints here, that is all. Miss Class Representative (Hanekawa Tsubasa) has her point of view and her parents have their own. There is no way for an outsider to know which of them is right. Actually, there is not a right one in the first place. It is just about who is easier to agree with.

She's been like that ever since I bought a box of donuts and had one more than her.

No one cares about Araragi-kun.

I don't think much of you for sending a girl your age to the place where a wierd man lives.