Quotes by "Masamune Takano"

Sometimes I think delinquents are people… Who still have hope that things still can get better if they just put up a SOS sign. But I don’t even have the will to lift that sign anymore.

I don’t know what you’re aiming at, but you can’t expect to be perfect right off the bat. You have to build up your confidence… by achieving small tasks one by one.

You're not the first person I went out with... But you're my first love.

When I’m shown something so pure and innocent, I’m forced to see the filthy part of myself even more and it pisses me off.

I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve met you before, but I can’t remember where.

I knew that it was pointless to hope for anything. I was so apathetic because of this sort of upbringing.

You know... You like me more than you think you do.

I'm going to make you say you love me again. Just you wait.

No matter who I was with, I could never forget you.

How much more love do you need for you to accept me?