[x] Quotes from Liar Game
I believe that there's not a single person whose heart is evil.

People who are still tormented by their consciences are still worth saving.

That's people for you. Trusting one another, helping one another- it's all a fantasy. Humans are creatures that will always betray.

People should be doubted. Many people misunderstand this concept. Doubting people is just a part of getting to know them. What many people call "trust" is really just giving up on trying to understand others, and that very act is far worse than doubting. It is actually "apathy".

Now, you’ve only got two different options to choose from: Prove that everything I just said was bullshit, or admit your guilt.

Humans, in general, feel uneasy when there’s dissonance between them and their external environment. And so, to cancel that uneasiness they try to synchronize (or make peace) with that environment.

Saying humans can't be trusted, please never use such words again!

The society you all live in has long since turned into the Liar Game. Still, what all of you demonstrated through this game is that 'Believing' is by no means, an easy path to follow. Sometimes, taking it means allowing yourself be deceived or suffering heavy damage you will not ever recover from. And yet, 'Trust' born when you forget your personal interests and join forces to fight against the odds together holds tremendous power.

Don't succumb to panic. Only those who see the bigger picture win.

The question is what does it take to be the one in control? Money? Brains? Strategic Prowess? Of course, all three are very important. However, there is something that outshines them all and provides a faster and more effective way to victory. And that is... information. The one in possession of information will be able to easily become the ruler of the liar game.