Quotes by "Levi Ackerman"

The lesson you need to learn right now, can't be taught with words... only with action.

A lot of the times, you're going into a situation you know nothing about. So what you need is to be quick to act... and make tough decisions in worst-case scenarios.

The difference between your decision and ours is experience. But you don't have to rely on that. CHOOSE... Believe in yourself, or believe in the survey corps and me. I don't know... I never have. I can believe in my own abilities or the choices of the companions I trust. But no one ever knows how it will turn out. So choose for yourself, whichever decision you will regret the least.

If you don't want to die - think.

I don't know which option you should choose. I could never advise you on that... No matter what kind of wisdom dictates you the option you pick, no one will be able to tell if it's right or wrong until you arrive to some sort of outcome from your choice.

I think the best disciplining is pain.

The difference in judgement between you and me, originates from different rules derived from past experience.

The only thing we're allowed to do... is to believe that we won't regret the choice we made.

This is just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline... I believe pain is the most effective way.