Quotes by "Kisuke Urahara"

If you want something created that nobody's ever seen before, it should be by your hand. That's how scientists are.

Don't use others as a reason for walking into death's arms.

Yes, we have no destiny. Only those swallowed up by ignorance and fear who take false steps, shall plunge us into the waters called “destiny”.

There's a lot of products that you can buy with money...but my love is the only limited product that only you can have.

[to Chad and Orihime] Your transformation is not a disease. You were just given the key to the door in front of you. There's no need to know the cause. No need for sorrow or sadness. What comes next is up to you. You can use your keys to open the door...or lock it tight. And if you do choose to open it... You can still decide not to pass through.

Awaken, Benihime.

Oh, it IS a chore. Risking your life and keeping busy are all the same!

Noooo, there's no way I, a mere handsome and sexy shopkeeper, could possibly have bankai!

[To Yoruichi] It's alright! Kurosaki-san's potential is greater than mine!

[Sees Yoruichi in cat form] Yes! It's Yoruichi! You've come back! Ha ha ha!! [Picks her up] Come here you little devil, let me take a look at you! You're my fuzzy little troublemaker, yes you are! Now who's your daddy? Hmm?

I'll drive you into a corner and make you remember that attack.

[Urahara writes Ichigo a message in blood] Please meet at Urahara shop immediately. [After Ichigo freaked out] P.S: If you look at this message and think that it is the message of a person before his death... then you have no sense of humor.

A warrior who has lost his ability to fight is only going to be in the way.

Lately, I've been looking at these two guys only. As expected, I see flowers when there are women in the workplace... the atmosphere!

Training hard, risking your life... what's the difference?

That wasn't very nice. I do believe you've killed my hat.

I'm sure it's just some pretty girl talking about me somewhere.

I'm so disappointed, Ichigo, so very disappointed. Sadly, your sword exhibits only fear. When you counter, it's because you fear being killed. When you attack, you fear killing. And when you protect someone, you fear you could let them die. At this point, the only thing your sword speaks is senseless fright, and that's not good. What you don't need in battle is fear. Nothing will come of it. When you counter, you don't let them cut you. When you protect someone, you don't let them die. And when you attack, you kill.