[x] Quotes from Kimimaro
Humans... Do humans have a purpose when they are born? I have been wondering recently. Because they are born, do they have an important duty? The meaning of being born... For humans to find that answer... It is the one freedom God gave them.

Against the power of will I posses... The capability of my body is nothing.

[after Naruto does his Shadow Clone Jutsu] Oh, there sure is a lot of garbage scattered around here. But, trash is just trash after all. It simply needs to be cleaned up.

I don't hate the darkness. It was IN the darkness that I was raised.

I've been wondering... There must be a purpose for people being born into this world. Why are we here? What does it mean? I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I realized that finding our purpose IS the meaning. That's why we're here. And the ones who find it... They're the only ones who are truly free.

*referring to Orochimaru* I am not his pawn..! He is the one, the only one who ever gave my life meaning!! But how could the likes of you EVER UNDERSTAND THAT?!?

I will see the truth of this world... LORD OROCHIMARU WILL SHOW ME!!!

I see...since I am no longer going to be Lord Orochimaru's vessel, my duty is to protect the vessel.

You've only seen one of my dances.

Lets see, how should I kill you?