Quotes from "Katekyo Hitman Reborn!"

Enjoy your life today. Yesterday is gone, and the tomorrow might never come.

When you're really in trouble, of course I'd come and help. That's what friends are for, right?

There is nothing less amusing than destroying those who have no will to live.

Reborn said:

If you run now, you will be running for the rest of your life.

You won’t know if you don’t give it a try.

Bianchi said:

If you can no longer believe in the person you love, then test him until you are satisfied.

Keep in mind that there are those who get hurt and those who try to heal the hurt ones. For those guys, it's not funny to have something they value so much be brushed off so lightly. How can a man protect another if he can't even protect himself?

Hidden in truths lie lies, hidden in lies hides the truth.

Be more confident despite your weaknesses and failures.

If I were to lose a friend...then I couldn't die in peace!

It's not about what you should do, it's about what you want to do.

You won't know if you don't give it a try.

Hurting people won't help you regain your pride!

Small animals have their own ways of surviving.

You cannot restrain me with logic.

Reborn said:

You came into my life as a story, you left as a legend.

I want Dr. Verde's intellect. In all honesty I wish he were just a brain and nothing more.

[about Verde] His head is a bit off and he's a pervert scientist.

Reborn said:

The real me is super cool!

It's not an issue of what you should do, it's an issue of what you want to do.