Quotes by "Kaname Kuran"

I’ve always been alone. The only one that can bring warmth into my life, is you.

Sometimes, forgetting is a type of happiness.

What is beautiful is not the world, but your beautiful eyes that embraces it.

*to Yuki* You have stopped opening your heart to me. That's the only thing about you that has to change.

Are you sure? Even if the hidden truth is drenched in blood... Do you still want to know?

I've been wondering ever since before, why do you always look so sad whenever you're with me?

It's all right, for now. Yuki will eventually come to me.

Humans should never be turned into vampires. But in the old days, hidden from history, when the war between vampires and vampire hunters was at its peak, vampires turned many humans into vampires to use in battle. And now the aristocrats have the duty to manage those survivors. Sometimes we have to kill them off...

It's all right. You be just the way you are, Yuki. You're different from the Night Class students who wait on me... You're a warm-hearted girl, Yuki. That's more than enough.

The blood has stopped flowing, but the puncture wounds...he really pierced you deeply. Yuki...does it hurt? Are you afraid of vampires now?

You devoured her mercilessly. She can't even stand up. Was her blood so delicious?

A human bitten by a pureblood vampire transforms into a vampire. When that happens, there can be only one of two results, dying from the loss of blood, or unfavorably surviving and suffering the pain of slowly transforming into a vampire. Other vampires don't possess this dark power that purebloods have. I respect his strength of will, he was only a human, yet he resisted the powerful vampire instinct for four years.

Headmaster Cross, how much longer are you going to keep Zero in the Day Class? That time is approaching for him.

Yuki, I can't accept it after all, that my most precious girl was bitten by another.

You are the only one who brings color into the dull gray ashes that my heart is.

If my only option I have is to lose you, then I would prefer death instead. Be it yours, by my hand, or could you please kill me then yuki..?

That's right...you should run away. Yuki...you make me cruel.

I didn't think that the day would come where you would talk about other guys. How unfair.

Yuki, don't cry. For this day to come, I have waited impatiently for a very long time.

You've finally fallen to the blood lust of beasts, Zero.