Quotes by "Itsuki Minami"

There's something you can't see unless you're standing at the top, to experience that for the first time, I'm struggling to a higher place than anyone else, isn't that what freedom is?

A long time there... There was a balloon man, right? When I first heard that story, I was so stupid that I actually enjoyed it... But really, the story was horrible. Driven solely by his dreams he used his balloons to disapear into the sky. The people watching made a big fuss about it... But no one really tried to stop it. There's no telling where the wind will take you. And he knew that one day his fuel, his ''freedom'' would run out, and he'd fall into the black ocean. To fly... that feeling is the most important thing. But instead of the dark clouds that drive people from the sky... There must be a chain to keep them grounded. The time will come, for those with the ability to fly away, while everyone else can only watch. Using their own wings, their own power... soaring as far as they can without aid. Because... Because that is what it means to fly.

So I'll search for my real ''wings'', because if I stay in the comfort of my nest, I'll never be able to use my own strength to fly.

Nothing can remain the same forever, because if you don't change you can't improve... Facing this inescapable ''reality'' if you don't grow... You'll be crushed... For everyone to ascend and accomplish their dreams. They must grow.

Sure, it might be warm and comfortable in there... not only safe and sound, but I get all the meals too! But I'd rather be out than be trapped inside this bird cage of yours.

Keep flying higher so that others are inspired to fly with you.

Let me teach you a thing. Normally the weak person's weakness is the strong person, but the strong person's weakness is also the weak person.

Whether you walk or run, the destination won't change. So then... You might as well run there!!!

A frog in a well does not hope to swim in the ocean, or go to dive in deep sea. What they're looking at since they are born, isn't the ocean, but the sky.