Quotes by "Ichimaru Gin"

Are you afraid? You don’t want to die, do you? Not just Abarai, if anyone… acts upon the thought of not wanting you to die, you will suddenly begin to fear your impending death, right?

It's easier to crush a dream than realize one. Forming a bond is infinitely more difficult than breaking one.

If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow and began devouring humans, and from the same mouth you devoured humans, you cried out to me, "I Love You!" Would I still be able to say "I Love You," the same way I do today?

*to Ichigo* I thought you were interesting before, but now you're just a creepy kid.

[as a child, to Rangiku Matsumoto] I've decided. I'm going to become a Shinigami. Become a Shinigami and change things. So that they'll end...without Rangiku having to cry.

Emotions? Nope, I've got nothin' like that. I told you when we first met, didn't I? I'm a snake. With cold skin, no emotions, that slithers around searching for prey with its tongue, swallowing down whatever looks tasty.

[Talking about Hueco Mundo] There isn't even water! Huh? Then how'd we have tea earlier?

[Referring to Tosen] He's such a boy scout, wouldn't you agree?

Oops. They found us.

[To Rukia as she is taken to Sokyoku Hill] Bye Bye, Rukia chan! See 'ya at the execution grounds.

If you pull your sword in a place like this, I'll just have to stop you, won't I?

Sorry, Aizen-sama. I got caught.

A gatekeeper ain't supposed to open gates.