Quotes by "Hiroko Seto"

We're all connected. Just like the notes are intermittently connected. It's shared by us all. Through music, with the people you know, with the people you don't know, with all the people in this world.

It's not just allies who support each other. From your enemies, you learn so much and gain so much. Until the day you meet again... Just knowing they exist helps you to withstand the loneliness. Those who compete, even if they're enemies, help each other out.

When you say you "can't hear the sound", doesn't it really mean you "aren't restrained by the sound"? Rather than the sound you hear with your ears, an image inside you is boiling up from the depths of yourself and taking over without you even knowing. The sound inside, the landscape in your heart, your wishes, a sound loaded with your thoughts; didn't you feel it, even for a moment? "Not being able to hear the sound." That is a gift.

Defiance toward parents is an establishment of one's self; it's a sign of independence.

As a musician, in the process of learning from a teacher, your differences breed a sense of discomfort which you should cherish. It's because of those differences that we have individuality.