Quotes by "Hideki Hinata"

I'll marry you! No matter what kind of sickness you have! Even if you can't walk or stand, or even when you can't have kids! I'll still marry you! No matter where or how I meet you, I'll fall in love with you. If I can meet you again, against the 6 billion to 1 odds, and even if your body can't move, I'll marry you.

Even if you can't walk or stand and even if you can't have kids, I'll still marry you, I'll always stay by your side.

No matter where I might have met you, I'm sure I'd come to love you.

I'm pretty confident about my reflexes. And pretty strong too. I'm a guy after all. When the time comes, I can protect you even at the cost of my life.

She's an idiot, but she's useful.

Glad you're okay *wink* I kinda like you.

Hey, why does this situation look like something at the end of a shonen manga?!

Wow, he did it. He's gonna fl- *boosts up to the ceiling and smashes his head*

Don't think that the me tomorrow will be the same as the me today. You'd better be careful.