Quotes from "Guilty Crown"

The world offers up a choice to live or die. The survival of the fittest that's the only governing law this world recognizes.

Tsugumi said:

Sympathy only gets people hurt.

Believe you can do it. For sure. Because I... belong to you now.

Shū Ouma said:

No, but I can learn. I'll bathe in blood. If that's what it takes to protect my friends, I'll take it. All the hatred, the disease. I'll take it as my own and end it.

Shū Ouma said:

I was wrong, kindness is pointless.

I’m afraid of myself, because... I'm a monster.

Even if everyone calls you a liar, even if you hate yourself, I’ll be on your side.

I’m fine with being a monster. I’m fine with having fake emotions. But I’ll protect Shu. Because I am me! Even if I’m just a fake… To me, I’m the only… real one!

If you value your peaceful everyday life, protect it for yourself.

Tsugumi said:

When someone does something nice for you… shut up and accept it!

I’m not going to apologize. This is an absurd, unfair world.

The double grief of a lost bliss is to recall its happy hour in pain.

Shū Ouma said:

The right to use my friends as a weapon, that is the sinful crown I shall adorn.

Mana Ouma said:

If you hurt someone, you must be prepared to receive the same amount in return.

People make a lot of mistakes, and strength is necessary to straighten those out.

Oogumo said:

When you confess your feelings, you should do a proper job.

You might be able to do it if you try. But if you don't try, you definitely can't.

Hey, Shu, have you ever read a picture book called "The Kind King"? The king was really kind, he gave everyone money and land, until finally... the country was gone. The people were all mad at the king. But I really loved him. I think he was my first love. You're like that king, Shu. The way you lose because of your kindness. You know what? I think you're going to be a great king.

Do you think I can shoulder everyone's lives and not feel any weight? I don't want to be indifferent. I want to be worthy of everyone's feelings.

A life with no adventure in it is boring. The least a friend can do is stir up a little trouble in your heart.