Quotes by "Grimmjow Jeagerjaques"

[about his Hollow group prior to them becoming Arancar as he eats pieces of them] You sicken me. You're all just a bunch of bloody cowards. Alright, I'll eat all of you. You'll see how it feels on the next level, as a part of my own flesh. I am... I am the king!

[To Orihime] I've repaid my debt to you. Now, you're gonna accompany me on a little errand.

[to Ichigo] I don't care if you're a human, a Soul Reaper or even a Hollow! I'll crush anybody who looks down on me! And you, Kurosaki, will be the first to go!

[to Ichigo] You're a Soul Reaper and I'm a Hollow. Whichever side loses will be massacred! It's been that way for over a thousand years! Who needs any more reason than that?! Now bring it! The last man standing gets to go home alive! That's all there is to it!

[about Ulquiorra Cifer, after he takes out Ichigo] I'll teach him what happens when you steal someone else's prey.

[to Ichigo] Don't forget my name, Soul Reaper, and you better pray that you never hear it again! Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez...because the next time you hear my name, you'll be a dead man...I promise.