Quotes from "Gantz"

Gantz said:

The Killer instinct is not perceived by words, but by look

Kei Kurono said:

Yeah, so I don’t appear to be the brightest crayon in the box but I still look down on the rest of the world.

Ayumu Kato said:

Just because you're tough doesn't mean you can do whatever you want, right?

In order to save a life, you must throw another life away.

Despair… It hides away propagates, expands, and finally explodes.

There comes a time when we can no longer tell the invaders from the invaded. That is what we call “War”.

Fear beyond rational limits, forces people to cling to normality.

Humans believe their lives and ants lives are weighted differently. This is profound arrogance.

Anyone who points a gun at me dies. Got it? Point a gun at me, you die.