Quotes from "Fairy Tail"

Feelings can be controlled, but tears never lie.

If you are lookin' back all the time, you'll never get ahead!

Magic is not meant to be used to kill people... but without power we can't even protect the ones we love...

They all grow up, the youths that are going to live in this era. Go forward, youths. Like a wind on a field. Your burning blood, sweat, and tears... are as beautiful as a parasol. Show no fear, youths.

The fact that I’m standing here means that I’m resolved to fight for my guild. I do not need your sympathy. As long as I’m still standing, please come at me with all you’ve got! Please do!

Zeref said:

There are things in this world that you cannot oppose, no matter how hard you try.

Sincere feelings transcend time and connect hearts.

Even if I can’t see you… Even if we are separated far apart from each other… I’ll always be watching after you. I’ll definitely watch over you forever…

In that case, you have nothing to fear. Mistakes aren’t made by locking your feelings away and holding back… They’re made while wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Listen up, brats! Today’s defeat is the seed for tomorrow’s victory! We’ll rise up and show them! We don’t know the meaning of giving up!

Comrades are comrades because they help each other out.

Happy said:

They are your words! This is your heart! Our desire to help our friends belongs to us!

There were many times I felt on the verge of giving up… And many times when I met with big trouble, and met with some really tough opponents… But during that time, he would always be there. And so would everyone else from the guild. Crying together, laughing together, so many of these things. Well, a lot of things really did take place… I’m sure that’s the way it should be… I’m sure that everybody carries a certain burden of their own. But even then, everyone tries their best to keep moving forward. That’s what makes Fairy Tail what it is. I really joined the best guild ever.

If someone here were hurt or lost their life because of me, I think I would also be in pain much like Loke. But, it’ll be all right. If everyone works together and unites in power, we can overcome any pinch ahead, right?

Acnologia said:

I will acknowledge you as my enemy and destroy you.

Mard Geer said:

I particularly dislike this emotion you call ANGER. It makes me lose sight of myself, you know. Just thinking of what happens to me if I'm not MYSELF. Disgusts me to no end.

Even if I can't see. Even if I can't hear. I have light inside me. The path I walked with my friends, is bringing light to my future. I don't fear anything! This isn't even worthy of being called pain! The worst pain is.. The pain of losing your light.

It's only the end if you give up!

Maybe we can't help feeling scared alone! But we're all right here, together! We've got out friends close by!
Now there's nothing to fear, because we are not alone!

We know our weakness. Now what will we do?
We'll get stronger! We'll get up and fight!