Quotes from "Fairy Tail"

Power is not the only connection you can have. This world is filled with much warmer things.

I'll always be by your side. You'll never be alone. You have as many hopes as there are stars that light up the sky. The wind that brushes your skin is a presentiment of tomorrow. Come, lets walk in time with the song of the fairies...

Aquarius said:

Quit acting like a spoiled child. What's important, the memories? The keys? The feelings of guilt? No. It's the power to save your friends. That's the power of a celestial spirit wizard.

It is the role of a parent to stand in front of their children... and protect them even if their legs were to give out at any moment.

If you realize you made a mistake with the way you've been living your life, you just have to take the next moment and start over.

I'll keep my promise, I'll save the world.

It's not a sin to fall in love. You can't even arrest someone over that.

If the drive behind one's actions is the thought for another, then it is never meaningless.

If one really wants to change the world... they have to do it by their own hands!

Manipulating the pieces according to your strategy... That is what defines a King.

Always trying to make myself seem strong... So I locked my own heart in a suit of armor.

I refuse to stand by and watch you give up. I won't lose you, I can't. We'll walk away from this battle together.

I find no fault with you when it comes to standing against your enemy with courage. However, every few have the strength to sheath their sword once it's out.

I always cursed my own life. The anxiety, anger and hatred I couldn't suppress. However, when I stopped to look at the sky... I realized just how small I am. There is an endless world spreading before me.

If you truly desire greatness, you must first know what makes you weak!

The pain of getting hit, the frustration of loosing, the joy of winning, all of that. They've been driven into this body, fists, and this head. It becomes my strength in the next fight. All of my battles up to now, those memories, they are all of my power.

Everyone makes mistakes, but then you recover. Look at all of the friends you have here who adore you. It would be difficult for anything to change that. If you keep that in mind, you should be able to get back on your feet any number of times.

You see, for as long as we draw breath into our lungs, we shall keep hope alive inside our hearts.

I'll do what I want till the end. Cut me down if you want.

I will fight for my friends than watching them get hurt, I will fight for those I love.