Quotes from "Fairy Tail"

Makarov said:

There's no reason to plunge yourself into the darkness.

Zeref said:

If this world continues to reject me, then I shall reject the world.

Fear is "evil", it tells your weakness. If you can know your weakness, people become strong and gentle.

Makarov said:

There is great value in the time spent in ones own company, but a life time of total isolation is a fate no one should endure.

Even if we walk on different paths, one must always live on as you are able! You must never treat your own life as something insignificant! You must never forget the friends you love for as long as you live! Let bloom the flowers of light within your hearts.

After everything I've faced.... Having a future with you snatched away from me ...is definitely the most terrifying thing I've ever had to endure....

You taught me what it means to love, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Those painful memories are what help us make it to tomorrow and become stronger.

Now listen up, any power that surpasses reason, still comes from reason, right? Magic isn't some kind of miraculous power. It is a talent that only works when the flow of energy inside of us and the flow of energy in the natural world are in perfect synchronization. To perform magic one must have a strong mind and the ability to focus. It should take over your being and come pouring out of your soul! If all we do is worry about following rules, then our magic will never progress.

No matter how hurt someone is, they're meant to overcome it and try to go forward.

I wont stop fighting when im tired, i'll stop fighting when you've shattered my heart into a thousand pieces

I want to become a man who treasures his friends.

Power is not the only connection you can have. This world is filled with much warmer things.

I'll always be by your side. You'll never be alone. You have as many hopes as there are stars that light up the sky. The wind that brushes your skin is a presentiment of tomorrow. Come, lets walk in time with the song of the fairies...

Aquarius said:

Quit acting like a spoiled child. What's important, the memories? The keys? The feelings of guilt? No. It's the power to save your friends. That's the power of a celestial spirit wizard.

It is the role of a parent to stand in front of their children... and protect them even if their legs were to give out at any moment.

If you realize you made a mistake with the way you've been living your life, you just have to take the next moment and start over.

I'll keep my promise, I'll save the world.

It's not a sin to fall in love. You can't even arrest someone over that.

If the drive behind one's actions is the thought for another, then it is never meaningless.