Quotes from "Detective Conan"

The moon does not mourn over the dead. What it does is shine light on the truth.

Vermouth said:

I wonder if there really is a God... If such an entity really existed, wouldn't all honest, hard-working people be happy?

Be as swift as the wind. Be as quiet as the forest. Attack as fiercely as the fire. Be immovable like a mountain. Move like the lightning. Be as impenetrable as a shadow.

Admiration is admiration. It's the same as viewing flowers from afar. When you get too close - it becomes like Icarus, who lost his wings and plunged into the earth after flying too close to the Sun. Disaster befalls oneself.

If it’s an important memory, then you shouldn't forget it. Since those who aren't with us only live on in our memories.

Kaitou Kid said:

The sea’s blue reflects because of the sky’s blue. Just like detectives and thieves. We’re all toying with the human mind. But the one who pries for others’ secrets is the one who’s truly impolite.

Kaitou Kid said:

It's better trusting someone than to die doubting people altogether.

Kaitou Kid said:

You can't perform the same trick twice with one audience. If performed only once, the magic leaves a strong impression. It will then blossom into a beautiful miracle in their hearts. But, when used twice, rather than the audience enjoying the magic, they focus on unraveling the trick. As such, the chance of it being unveiled is high.

If you let anger and revenge consume you... You'll find yourself unable to behold the beautiful sights right before your eyes.

Give advice and good guidance, then halt if such is of no avail. Do not disgrace yourself for it.

It’s unbearable to die hating someone.

If you plan to continue being a detective and using words to entrap people, inscribe this in your hearts: Words are like knives. When used incorrectly, they turn into foul weapons. You have to understand the opponent’s heart and use them with discretion. No matter who it is you’re dealing with.

From a different perspective, an imposing wall is just a large door.

Our contribution will never come into light, but the failure will be noticed immediately.

People's feelings sometimes go astray and lead to irreversible consequences.

By looking at what's blocking our way, with an open mind, a wall can be turned into a wide-open door.

Ran Mouri said:

When people make a mistake, it is nice to give them advice, but... if they don’t listen, just leave them alone. Otherwise you'll do yourself a disservice by wasting your time and effort.

Love is an emotional thing. I will say nothing in praise of it... It is antagonistic to clear reasoning. It's the same in tennis. Love is 0. No matter how many zeroes you add together, you'll just lose miserably.

People’s feelings sometimes go astray and lead to irreversible consequences.

Words are like swords. If you use them the wrong way, they can turn into ugly weapons.