Quotes from "Detective Conan"

Ran Mouri said:

Courage is a word of justice. It means the quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension with confidence and resolution. It is not right to use it as an excuse to kill someone.

Those who do well, respect their chances. Those who pass on chances, may never be presented with that chance again.

To deceive your enemy, begin with your ally.

It's just like changes in the notes and passports. You may find it hard to adjust to at the beginning, but you get used to it eventually. Time is very depressing after all... Both happiness and sadness fade away with time.

Instead of humans who lie and cheat each other to get richer, I prefer animals who hunt to survive.

Relying on someone else without exerting any effort of your own is just not right. Because the one you rely on most, can disappear, at any time.

Justice isn’t something that you can just proclaim. It’s a feeling you should keep near your heart.

Ai Haibara said:

Memories of someone who’s passed away remains beautiful forever and a person’s heart will linger over them, they say.

If you’re too lucky, people will get jealous of you.

In this world, who knows who might kill who.

There’s no use. There’s no such thing as a victory that can be won through effort. It doesn’t exist.

Ai Haibara said:

They say time and a people’s heart are inversely proportional. The more it passes, the more they grow apart. It seems there are some rare exceptions though.

Sorry, a trick is nothing but a puzzle mankind came up with. If you use your head, you can uncover the logical answer. It’s disappointing. No matter the explanation I think of, I cannot understand why one person would kill another. Even if I can see why, I can’t understand why.

Ai Haibara said:

That’s right. Worried about being discovered, living in fear. It’s a painful thing.

Ai Haibara said:

It’s like an automated vending machine for canned juice. You’ll get what you want so long as you have the money, but… You get nothing in return without it. You can’t buy your way into the hearts of others.

Life is short so it will be appreciated. We live to our fullest due to that.

Kaitou Kid said:

You’d better not (rip my mask). Like Pandora’s box, you want to open it because you don’t know what’s inside. But if you know what’s inside before you open it… It’s boring, isn’t it?

Ai Haibara said:

I understand your feelings of wanting to bring the bad guy to justice, but do bear with it. It also requires courage to hide oneself.

The right thing is… to have faith in life, until you’re sure of death. That’s what makes a great detective.

If you force me to pick one… It’d be black. It covers up the things inside of me that I don’t want to be known about. Well, for the same reason… Black is the color I hate too.