Quotes from "Deadman Wonderland"

If you are weak, don't bare your fangs.

Facing irrationality doesn't mean not feeling fear, but rather possessing eyes that gaze upon fear and standing against the world.

Human beings don't feel pain with their bodies. The brain is the thing that transmits the pain to the body.

This is the law of conservation of mass. Somebody's "happiness" is somebody else's "unhappiness". That's why I tried to be a "rubbish bin" for those guys who played othello on my back using white and black thumbtacks. My crying and screaming meant something, 'cause they were laughing... But I was wrong. It doesn't make sense, does it? If I enjoy being unhappy, that "happiness" will make someone else "unhappy"!

Only frustrated adults and naive kids believe themselves to be special.

If you're gonna kill me, then kill me. If you're gonna execute me, stop waiting. Until then, I live by my own rules!

The only people who make me feel remorse are those that do not possess any willpower.

Even if they're not your own child, you can't, as an adult, overlook their wrongdoings.

Everyone's fighting for their own kind of freedom. It seems small; but in their hearts, nothing is more important. With such hopes, I won't have enough time for revenge or fear, right?

If you can't see what's important, then it's because you're too ashamed to open your eyes.

Weak humans are sly and irresponsible, they always put the blame on and hurt others.

Shiro said:

The always naughty woodpecker. Today, too, you open holes and ruin the forest. The angry wood god turned your beak to poison. Poor woodpecker, your nest has been poisoned. Your food has been poisoned. If you touch your friends, they all die. The sad little woodpecker. Your tears of poison sparkle brightly...

Some of us don't have time to die.

Shiro said:

Know what makes Ganta so amazing? He always gets up again.

Life hurts, you think we don't know that? But some of us choose to go on regardless. Some of us don't have time to die cause people count on us to survive.

Good is predicated on corruption and evil.

What do you suppose the most irrational thing is? - It's humanity.

The world consists of "choices", in other words, it consists of continual gamble. Other guys are not aware of this. Thus they moved about in confusion.

There's nothing that won't change, every day things will change a little bit more.

People fear death because they don't "understand" it, and we're afraid of strangers because we don't "know" them. Not being able to understand the one you love... is the worst fear of all.