Quotes from "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion"

C.C. said:

In their heart, everyone has faith that their victory exists. However, in the face of time and destiny, the act of faith is fruitless and fleeting at best.

C.C. said:

In this world, evil can arise from the best of intentions. And there is good which can come from evil intentions.

I must spill yet more blood, so the blood already split will not be in vain.

I think that "truth" is something that is covered up most of the time.

A life that lives without doing anything is the same as a slow death.

You see, the world will not change through naive talks.

I think being able to openly take away the most important thing people have... "life"... is the best thing that ever happened!

A life with no changes can’t be called life. You can only call it experience.

But the mass we call "world" keeps turning, ignoring our individual desires.

To desire some results, one must take actions.

Shut up! I did what I had to do. People lie to survive. No one is blameless.

C.C. said:

Death may be my only freedom.

Do you know the truth of the battlefield? Kill a man normally, and it's considered a crime. But kill many on the battlefield and you become a hero!

War is merely one method of diplomacy. However, it is the least efficient one.

Lelou? I'm glad that I could talk to you in the end. You know? When I got my memories back, I was so scared... A fake teacher... Friends with no memories... Everyone was... lying to me... It was as if... the whole world was watching over me... Lelou, you've been fighting... all by yourself against this world... All by yourself... So that's why... I wanted to become the one thing truthful to you... I love you, Lelou. Even when I knew you killed my father... I couldn't... bring myself to hate you. Even when you tried to make me forget everything... I still fell... in love with you again... Even when my memories were altered... I still fell in love again... No matter how many times I'm reborn... I'm sure I'll... fall in love with you again, Lelou... This... is fate, right? So, it's okay, right, Lelou? That I fall in love with you when I'm reborn... No matter... how many times... I'll... fall in... love with you...

At times the life of a single man is worth more than that of a million, I thought that'd be common sense to a soldier.

C.C. said:

People... humans are the being who look for happiness. What the Britannian boy, Lelouch, wanted to have was nothing but a small happiness. It's nothing special. At least at the root of his motives, there were only humble wishes that were simply natural to any human. Who could ever disclaim such dreams and such vows? Who could ever have the right to do that? However, whoever you might be, without choice, you have to deal with others and with the world, and have yourself be regulated and set down. Therefore, in the face of the world's wills, your personal speculations are so ephemeral they can't help being overwhelmed. Sins and punishments, destiny and judgment. What stands in front of Lelouch is the past he brought forth by himself. Is it a hatred resulting from the fact that humans are humans? Nonetheless, for now, we should be grateful... Yes, at least, to the fact that humans are the beings who look for happiness.
A remaining piece of hope, a faint sign of wishes will be born from despairs.

You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty.

Our crying for them won't bring the dead back to life.