Quotes by "Claude Faustus"

If he made a ripple in the long, long lazy life of a demon, then Alois Trancy's soul also was worth cracking open, per...haps.

Passion to insincerity, lies to reality, a stray dog into an Earl. That is...'s but...ler.

Ciel Phantomhive, I will pierce your soft skin with my needle... and slowly suck out your sensual soul.

*to Sebastian* Say, have your demonic senses weakened after devoting too much to that human's soul?

Passion to calm, hesitation to resolve, love to gravestones. That is the Trancy butler.

I simply have a hell of a desire to devour you, Master.

For a mere butler, to go that far... Don't worry, Young Master. The menial soul that can give love to one is only a butler.

*teasing Sebastian* A demon and a butler... I am one too.

Master.. I will always stay by your side. Day and night, sugar and salt, living and dead, impure and pure.

*to Sebastian* To touch something that is meant to transport food with one's shoes is a disgrace for a butler!

*to Alois* I am your loyal servant. Even if you do not try to attract my attention, I want to greedily devour you to the very end.

Day into night, sugar into salt, living to dead, and dark blue into gold.