Quotes from "Brynhildr in the Darkness"

Takachiho said:

God exists, you don't believe in god? What you don't believe in is religion, but religion simplifies and systematizes God. It's not what I'm referring to when I talk about God. Many religions tell you 'This is God, worship him' and that is why you have doubt isn't it? For example if you were told to urinate on a Jesus statue or an ordinary stone, which would you choose? If God doesn't exist then he can't hand down punishment. But what is divine retribution exactly? Most likely nobody would dare urinate on the statue of Jesus, even if they aren't Christian, they probably know that's the Christian God. So they feel there might be divine retribution. In other words, people have always been subconsciously aware of the existence of Gods they cannot see. In the 15th century, before the arrival of the Spanish, those on the south American continent had neither a writing system or wheels. Those things existed on the Eurasian continent since ancient times yet in South America they hadn't been invented yet. But the concept of God was universal. God existed in those societies that were so isolated the wheel had not spread to them. The concept of God's existence occurred naturally. Because God is something man cannot live without. As science progressed, there were people who stopped believing in the existence of God. But even then, in less visible ways, their actions were essentially the same as those of superstitious people. They still feared divine retribution, so they did not dare to disrespect gods. But if such retribution really existed it would be called a 'supernatural phenomena'.

Chie said:

When you are feeling sad... smile, even if you have to force yourself... If you cry when it gets painful... it will only get more painful.

Humans easily betray others. That's just the nature of them.

People don't simply disappear from this world when they die. They only truly die when they are forgotten by those who are alive. That's why it doesn't matter whether I lived or died. No one knows of my existence, and I don't have I don't have a single friend. But... if you all won't forget about me... that is enough even if I die. With just that... I would be more alive than I ever have been.

Don't forget, our existence is a fragile and uncertain one, knowing that any one of us could die at any moment. In this short time that we have, we all have one or two wishes that we'd like to fulfill. Losing the most important wish... is like losing your reason for living.

You don't call someone a friend when they just remember you. You're friends because you like each other.

Onodera said:

Those who are granted great power lose all self-restraint when among the weak. Oranges don't start out rotten. It's the container that makes them rot.

Makina said:

Men select women based on emotion. Even if there's a reason, it's only secondary. However, women select men based on reason. Either by something like his class ranking or his standing in society.

Killing for your own ideas... even a bandit could do that if it's killing a complete stranger. However, it's a completely different thing when it comes to killing a relative or a friend. Desire alone isn't enough. You need indomitable will and unwavering beliefs.

It's a foolish thing, the human heart. Sometimes we fail to operate logically, and act on emotions.

Is it so strange to do something for someone else? If the people I love can stay smiling tomorrow... then you can call me foolish or whatever you want.

People don't vanish from this world the moment they die. Their true death is when they are forgotten by the living.

Lives are never of equal value. There is always a ranking order.